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Please note the regulations shown here: www. For example, the rate of oxidation of porous metal particles suspended by a hot gas stream can be predicted by ParScale.

cfdem training

However, ParScale can also be run in stand-alone mode for predicting, e. Access ParScale on GitHub. Below you can find links to i training material PDFs of slidesas well as ii a number of screencasts that help you to get started with this software tool.

Training Material PDFs. ScreenCast - Overview A. ScreenCast - Overview B. HandsOn - VerificationCase.

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For example, CPPPO can compute filtered velocities fields and can computed advanced statistical information from this filtered data e. ScreenCast - Overview. ScreenCast - Usage. ScreenCast - Theory.

Municchi, S. Training material for the library is summarized below:. CFDEMproject github. Stefan Radl github. NanoSim github.

About CFDEM®project

DE EN. Pharmazeutische Prozess- und Partikeltechnik Prof. Johannes Khinast.The primary strength was the profound knowledge of the instructor.

Thank you. The most important feature was using templates to start a user case. The course provided clear information about the inner workings of OpenFOAM with training of case keywords with the underlying algorithms. Any questions were answered immediately and very clearly. The courses were very comprehensive. The best part was the insight of instructor regarding choice of sources and recommended settings.

The primary strength was tips and step-by-step instructions; the most important feature was the use of templates. It is worth every penny!

I took the courses, then started to use OpenFOAM, and it allowed us not to have to buy a couple of extra licenses… so we save thousands of dollars!

Cfdem Coupling Tutorials

An accelerated learning experience, enabling you to do successful CFD with confidence. Geometry and Meshing Geometry generation : generating geometry with FreeCADtriangulated surface export Introduction to meshes : meshing strategy, blockMesh quick start, boundary types, patch groups snappyHexMesh introduction : surface patching, castellated mesh, surface snapping snappyHexMesh enhancements : assessing mesh quality, layer insertion, cell refinement introduction snappyHexMesh refinement : tri-surface manipulation, surface refinement, region refinement, more on layers Data Analysis Visualization introduction : running ParaViewvisualizing geometry, mesh, fields and velocity vectors Data formats : OpenFOAM format, tri-surface formats, VTK conversion, other formats Graphs and surfaces : quick automated graphs, sampling, customised graph data, cutting planes, patch surfaces Objective measures : using probes, force coefficients, residuals, monitoring graphically, other measures.

Profound knowledge of the instructor. Questions answered immediately and clearly. Very comprehensive. Step-by-step instructions.

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Worth every penny.I am doing simulations of powder compaction using artificial gravity. I have been simulating them under g. So once this gravity is applied, particles start to disappear as in the screenshot attached. You can see that number of particles reduced from to and then it stays constant. Reducing the time step from 1e-6 to 1e-7 seconds has increased the final number of particles, but only slightly, so some particles are always disappearing. I wanted ask is the problem only in the time step size?

Do I need to reduce the time step further?

cfdem training

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More info. Skip to main content. Particles disappear during increase in gravity. The input file is also attached Best regards, Azamat.

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More info Got it!Each course lasts 2 days and is delivered by OpenCFD staff who have many years of experience using the code at the sharp end, and in teaching its fundamentals and applications. These courses are available at advertised delivery locations worldwide and via our remote Virtual Training portal. We also offer 1 day virtual courses for those with a specific application focus.

These include trainings in AeroacousticsOverset, Fire Modelling and External Aerodynamics ; other application-specific courses available on request. For more information, please contact us. There are scheduled courses at a range of locations worldwide and will also provide on-site courses on request.

For more information, please visit the on-site training page. Schedule, Pricing, Booking and Course Details For course datesbooking a courseand pricingplease see the current schedule. Courses are priced in currencies relating to the locality of the training and all prices are NET and exclusive any local taxes, e.

In order to reserve a place on a course, please pre-register via the schedule page. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

How to create a grid with blockMesh in OpenFOAM - tutorial

Places are only confirmed upon receipt of payment prior to the course. All courses are delivered in English. For further information, please see the Terms and Conditions.

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Participants can be assured that: they are being taught by people who really know OpenFOAM and who regularly teach OpenFOAM on-site to customers and within our busy schedule of hosted courses; they receive correct information about the applications and libraries within OpenFOAM, correct explanation of the coding frameworks and algorithms in OpenFOAM, etc.

Further Enquiries For further enquiries, please contact us via our training enquiries page. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Design by The open source CFD toolbox. About us Contact Jobs Legal.Tutorial Detail View All Tutorials. Posted: 2 months ago all models that are specific to CFDEM R coupling and which are used in the cases are explained in the doc section of the downloaded package. The attached document contains some sample input decks with some comments as to why certain commands are included.

It features: implementations for resolved and unresolved CFD-DEM ; a variety of drag and interaction laws implicit and explicit applicability to large-scale problems with MPI parallelization. Our coupled solver runs fully parallel on distributed-memory clusters, providing considerable speed-up compared to other packages limited to single processor computation.

Its features are:. Posted: 18 days ago all models that are specific to CFDEM R coupling and which are used in the cases are explained in the doc section of the downloaded package. Posted: 7 hours ago Dedicated to open source high performance scientific computing in fluid mechanics and particle science. Multiphase simulation using Discrete phase Posted: 7 months ago This video shows a simulation of a gas-solid fluidized bed of diameter 44 mm.

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The bed contains 43 particles of diameter 1 mm and is fluidised by air flowing at a superficial air velocity of Posted: 3 days ago GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Posted: 4 days ago Discrete Element Modelling is an essential tool for planetary exploration as well as preparation and development of future missions. DLR collaborates with DCS since more than ten years and in several projects covering planets like Mars as well as small bodies like asteroids.

Posted: 3 months ago This tutorial is based on tutorial by Dr.

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Christoph Goniva. I made some adjustments to perform the installation on my computer. Posted: 18 days ago Hi everyone, I am working on a problem by CFDEM coupling, I have done the tutorial with the cylinder and chute everything was fine, but I wanted to have a box or a cube instead of the cylinder, so I had to change my blockMesh dictionary, But I knew that I also need to change some boundary conditions for all the properties on zero folder and this gave me some errors after I changed them.

Developing software for numerical simulation naturally involves software development. Posted: 1 months ago Note, that the tutorials presented here run on software that is not under my copyright, but is licensed to the public with some flavor of GPL or LGPL. Fluid flow through a fixed particle bed — the Ergun equation describes the resulting pressure drop in dependence of the fluid velocity.

Joint research, development & training

Posted: 3 months ago The coating suspension is sprayed via a two-fluid-nozzle in bottom-spray configuration figure 1. In this short video, viewers will learn what DEM is, how it can be used in industry, and the types of problems that can beDeveloped in conjunction with Ext-Joom.

Tweets by WolfDynamics. Click here to get more information about the next introductory training session. Click here to get more information about the next advanced training sessions. Click here to know more about online training. All slides in a single file In this single pdf you will find all the training material. All slides in a single file 4 by 4 In this single pdf you will find all the training material.

This file is ideal for printing. Supplement: Paraview-paraFoam Additional paraview training material non-included in the previous slides. Supplement: blockMesh Additional blockMesh training material non-included in the previous slides. Supplement: coprocessing Additional postprocessing training material non-included in the previous slides.

Supplement: High-level programming in OpenFOAM - Building block Additional high-level programming training material non-included in the previous slides. Supplement: Python: A Crash Introduction. Download here the tutorial files used during the training Attention: the compressed file is about 2.

Download here the Linux tutorial files. If you would like to get the powerpoint presentations for your personal use or training purposes, or you would like to collaborate improving the training material, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

Disclaimer Wolf Dynamics makes no warranty, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or usefulness of the information disclosed in this training material. This training material is intended to provide general information only. Under no circumstances and under no legal theory shall Wolf Dynamics be liable for any loss, damage or injury, arising directly or indirectly from the use or misuse of the information contained in this training material.

Wolf Dynamics - Multiphysics simulations, optimization, and data analytics.

cfdem training

This training material is based on OpenFOAM version 6 All slides in a single file In this single pdf you will find all the training material All slides in a single file 4 by 4 In this single pdf you will find all the training material.The tool combines an established base with numerous cutting-edge capabilities. It is the answer to the rapid developments in industry and our contribution to faster innovation by supporting process optimization, the creation of digital twins or advanced analyses.

Discrete Element Modelling is an essential tool for planetary exploration as well as preparation and development of future missions. DLR collaborates with DCS since more than ten years and in several projects covering planets like Mars as well as small bodies like asteroids. We profit from close collaboration with DCS Computing GmbH on the development of an innovative simulation model that helps us advance in computational process engineering.

We appreciate their capacious expert knowledge and strong technical support. Competences, technologies and excellent services of DCS Computing offers us tailor made simulation capabilities to study complex phenomena in process engineering and plastics industries. The value creation applying DCS solutions is proven in several projects throughout the years of cooperation.

cfdem training

We are looking forward to the new tool Aspherix which will come out with customer support. We have found the team at DCS Computing to be very professional in delivering the project outcomes in the most effective way. We highly recommend DCS computing for simulation-based Engineering projects.


With DEM being a relatively new and emerging method compared e. We are pleased to say that DCS Computing has been living up to those expectations for years and are looking forward to more exiting projects together in the future. DCS responsiveness and efficiency has exceeded expectations, and is an excellent value. Our cooperation with DCS since has raised enormous synergies and has formed the core values of my research group.

My research team and my teaching efforts greatly benefit from the interaction with DCS, as well as their simulation tools. Together with them, we will bring DEM to a new level! DCS has a long tradition in keeping the finger on the pulse of academic innovations of numerical methods to deliver cutting edge products and services. I am very happy to extend our already fruitful collaboration in the EU Caliper consortium.

DCS Computing is a reliable partner for Treibacher in the field of process optimization with computer simulations, and the collaboration is excellent. DCS Computing possesses know-how in simulation software, physics and fluid mechanics. Thus we look forward to the future collaboration with DCS Computing.

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